Shape and Slim Sculpt Belt Shapewear - Stomach Slimmer
Shape and Slim Sculpt Belt Shapewear - Stomach Slimmer
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Shape and Slim Sculpt Belt Shapewear - Stomach Slimmer

FIRM WAIST SHAPER FOR WOMEN: This shapewear offers several points of compression around the waist and stomach. Its firm shape will smooth out any problem areas and allow you to wear even the tightest slim bodycon dress. This sculpt belt can also improve posture or help tighten a postpartum tummy.
FLATTEN YOUR MIDSECTION: Do you have a bit of a tummy that you¡¯d rather not show off to the world? Maybe you¡¯re trying to lose those last few pounds but want to look fabulous anyway. Aging can also cause the belly area to sag. This belt offer support for any woman looking for a slimmer look. Your midsection will look and feel great!
BLACK OR NUDE CONTROL TOP: This Shape & Slim sculpt belt comes in black and nude so you can wear it underneath any color of clothing. We'd recommend buying the next size up.
HIDE BELLY FAT: Many women desire an hourglass figure but struggle with extra fat around the belly. This underwear can smooth belly fat for a more desirable silhouette. It¡¯s great for tighter dresses or slacks. You can also wear it every day for some extra support around your waist. However you use it, you¡¯ll be looking your best in no time.
SLIMMING YET COMFORTABLE: Gone are the days of uncomfortable lace-up corsets! This pair of seamless sculpt belt slides on easily without any fasteners to get in the way of your comfort. It¡¯s also perfect for wearing under clothing because it¡¯s so sleek and undetectable. We¡¯ve also reinforced the middle for extra lift.
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester



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